Define Vague | Tiny labradorite necklace
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Tiny labradorite necklace
Tiny labradorite necklaceTiny labradorite necklaceTiny labradorite necklace

Tiny labradorite necklace


This dainty necklace contains a tiny labradorite stone of exquisite quality and comes on a thin and delicate chain that matches the design. Wear this elegant necklace as an addition to your entire wardrobe!

The stone catches the light in a mesmerizing way, but besides its esthetics labradorite is also praised for its metaphysical properties. This stone is believed to be a very powerful healing stone that calms an overactive mind and energize the imagination. It banishes insecurities and strengthens faith in oneself.

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The necklace and chain are both made of 925 silver and the stone is labradorite.

Size labradorite stone: 5 mm diameter (sizes and color might vary slightly as each stone is natural and unique)
Chain length (including locks): 40cm, but can be made longer or smaller upon request. Leave a note in the comment box!